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The Crystal Scarab

Anastasia Nazari has discovered a curious crystal scarab with a remarkable ability and potentially catastrophic power. The crystal has a forgotten secret among the first ancient civilisations of the world. Anastasia on her search for the crystals origin, has been accused of murdering the heir to the Zezuru clan, and been declared rogue by ORB industries. You have been headhunted by O’siah Aderhold, CEO of ORB Industries, tasked to locate Anastasia Nazari, in hope to uncover clues to her whereabouts before she goes off the grid. However, as your journey unfolds, the truth becomes blurred, and your mind will be challenged along with your morality.  

NOTE: It is recommended to play on a laptop or desktop platform.  

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The Crystal Scarab is free for anyone to play with an internet connection, and we sincerely hope you have fun and enjoy completing the game. We will hopefully be making more games in the future.

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