Years we searched for careers that would allow us to combine our interests with our dreams, and we were disappointed. Frustrated, we decided to begin our own movement, starting with what we saw as an opportunity to shape our interests and dreams into something tangible and real: combining cryptic puzzles, outdoors and spending quality time with people you care about into one experience, which is best described as a mix of Survivor, escape room meets scavenger hunt. We call this combo: 'an evolva game'. 

Tomb raider, National Treasure, Survivor, Abe's Oddysee, Myst: Riven are a few of the video games and films we grew up on, and continuously are a leading inspiration for our games. We are a start-up, multi-faceted, small and slightly weird company, and try with our best efforts to be different and add something original for people to remember.  Our goal ultimately is to create fun, challenging, adventure-like experiences that you and your friends or family do together.

The world is a technology-dominant place, and we love that, we love innovation in any form. However, in light of COVID-19 we recognised balance is paramount. It's ok to spend an hour or more inside, on the computer or console, but its also refreshing to spend equally the amount of time, if not more, outside. Particularly with people that you care about, creating memories and doing things as group. As kids and even now as adults, our fondest memories are of doing activities as a group. It didn't matter if we succeeded or failed, the best part is secretly always after the event: either talking about the activity or laughing over the funny and silly moments. You learn from those experiences: about yourself and about other people in your group. And we want to keep those experiences alive. 

There are three experiences to do with Evolva Games: adventure quests, evolva trials and an online game.
Adventure quests: outdoors (coastal terrain), 2-8 people, story-line to solve, slow-paced, but a lot of terrain obstacles. Think escape room meets scavenger hunt.
Evolva trials: outdoors (open grass terrain), 4-16 people, fast paced. Two teams vs each other. Think scavenger hunt meets Survivor challenges.
3) Online game: free to anyone that can be accessed on any browser on the internet, and is an epic adventure, solving puzzles and unfolding the plot. Think point & click video games.  



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