How it Began

Have you ever watched movies like Indiana Jones, National Treasure or Survivor the TV series, or played a game like Uncharted or Tomb Raider and thought to yourself “I wish I could have an adventure like that”? It is Evolva Game’s mission to make that wish a reality, to create experiences that make you feel like an adventure hero solving an ancient mystery.

That feeling of walking through nature or an unknown place and discovering something mysterious, like a very old box with strange symbols on it. And as soon as you open it, you know you’re part of something enchanting, part of a lost secret that you have the chance to uncover. Equally it is Evolva Games’ mission to bring people together.

As kids and even now as adults, our fondest memories are of doing activities and playing games with friends and family. It didn't matter if you succeeded or failed, the best part is the journey together and creating those moments that the next day you grin about. We want to keep those moments alive. This is what Evolva Games represents and what we do, escape room meets scavenger hunt, mystery-outdoor and cryptic puzzle group games, offering unique and fun real-life adventure experiences.

Come join us and become part of a story.

The Game Master

Born in South Africa, but raised in Mozambique and having lived in Australia, Brazil, England and Wales; Josh has has always had a craving for adventure. After completing his degree in Business Management in London, Josh gave up the big city lights and corporate world to pursue his dream of bringing some of the puzzles and games we have all played online or seen on television to life. A chance for people to become a real life Indiana Jones or Laura Croft! Josh is an accredited advanced scuba-diver, licensed field guide, survival expert and trained with the royal marines.

Since as a young child, it was Josh’s wish to grow up and experience the adventures from Laura Craft (tomb raider), Nathan Drake (Uncharted) or Ben Gates (National Treasure). Growing older the wish expanded into areas like Myst: Riven, Rose Da Silva (Silent Hill) and Ralph Sarchie (Deliver Us from Evil). Josh yearned for their reality to become his own, and began searching for it. With each new venture undertaken, it seemed the reality you wished for in the beginning may never happen. When faced with that predicament, you have two options, settle and join the world or build your own reality yourself. The latter seemed more attractive and gave birth to what is now Evolva Games.



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