Evolva Games is a growing collection of adventure quests; the first of their kind. Choose between the day or night quests, each with their own story-line to unravel, and varying difficultly levels so there is an adventure for everyone. Follow the clues, discover hidden areas and solve the puzzles along the beach and coastal forest.



How It works

Hover over picture (desktop) or tap once (mobile)

  • 4-8 people per quest

    Comfortable clothes & shoes

    Bottle of water

  • Seek & follow the clues

    Discover & solve the puzzles

    Unravel the story-line

  • 2 Hours

    Complete the quest


    Choose between
     the day or night quests

  • Three difficulty levels:
    1. Achievable 

    2. Seasoned

    3. Elite

    Adventure Quests


    Something has happened to 13 year old Amelia and her mother. The locals regretfully refuse to help the father search for his missing daughter and wife, due to the superstition of Do'kael. Believed to be an ancient demon of possession and cannibalism. Amelia was running in fear when locals witnessed her last. Seek out and discover what happened to Amelia and her mother.

      4 - 8 People

     2 Hours

      R 270 (ZAR) pp

    Q'ni Masks

    An ancient civilization called the Q'ni, once thought to be extinct, are now believed to be alive and are hiding a great power or some hope a weapon. Orb Industries have killed many in aim to find the weapon and exploit it. Follow Dr. Geller's clues to unravel the mystery of the Q'ni before mercenaries of Orb Industries find you... and kill you. 

      4 - 8 People

     2 Hours

      R 270 (ZAR) pp


    Coming soon

    *Children under 12 years age receive half price per person.
    *A deposit fee is require to secure all bookings. 

    Team games

    Evolva Trials (New!)

    Compete against your friends, family or colleagues to complete the team challenges and raise your colour flag first. Evolva trials consist of two teams per game, each team with a minimum of 2 or 8 max players.

    Team Games are faster paced than the adventure quests, because not only is the clock against you, but you have an opposing team behind you racing to be the first. 

      4 - 16 people

     2 Hours

      R 270 (ZAR) pp



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