Evolva Games is a hybrid between an Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt and Survivor combined into
one real-life experience.

    A glimpse of what you do on an Evolva Game:

    Making your way down the steep stairs, you look under the step and find a journal filled with symbols, ancient passages and peculiar drawings. You discover the journal has a map inside, leading you onto the beach past the ocean and rocky shores, to a stone wall that stands 5 meters high. Somewhere hidden in this wall is an ancient artifact that will get you closer to completing your quest.

    How It Works

    2-8 friends, family or colleagues 

    Minimum 2 & maximum 8 people per game. Wear comfortable clothes & shoes. Bring a bottle of water and a large towel for after the game (you can get wet, sandy and muddy). You and your group arrive at the rendezvous point, the Game Master will explain the rules and safety protocols of the game. Your group will spin the Wheel of Chance, and afterwards an intro sound clip will play... then the game begins.   

    Real-life interactions and places

    Evolva Games are challenging: you have 2 hours, on the beach seeking out hidden items, deciphering codes, exploring secret areas, solving 'outside the box' puzzles, unraveling the story-line of the game and completing your objective(s). You have to use your logic, intuition, team work and wits to win.    

    lateral-thinking puzzles & challenges

    Don't be scared or discouraged by the word puzzle or challenges. It's not about being clever or smart, it's about thinking creatively. Our games simply require a creative and indirect approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious. All the answers are in the game, however, they only become clear with using imaginative inputs to open new lines of thinking and possible solutions. 

    For example, 2+2 = Fish; 3+3 = Eight; 7+7 = Triangle. If you can solve the simple puzzle, you have the creative and lateral-thinking we are looking for.     

    Day or Night Game

    There are two types of games to choose from: day game that has an adventurous and tomb raider feel. and the night game that focuses on fear and horror features. Each game has a different level of difficulty.

    D = Day Game 

    N = Night Game

    • Achievable: is for novices, and for people who just want a fun, entertaining activity. There are a lot of clues to help along the way.
    • Seasoned: is for those who want a challenge. Clues are less available throughout the game and there is a fair bit of walking and minor climbing involved.
    • Elite: is for those that are physically fit and mentally tenacious. We are talking about diving underneath the ocean and deciphering codes type of difficulty. Not for umkhulus (Zulu word for grandfather).  


    Q'ni Masks

    An ancient civilization called the Q'ni, once thought to be extinct, are now believed to be alive and are hiding a great power or some hope a weapon. Orb Industries have killed many in aim to find the weapon and exploit it. Follow Dr. Geller's clues to unravel the mystery of the Q'ni before Orb Industries mercenaries find you... and kill you.  

    2 - 8 People 

    2 hours  

    Morning session 
    (Only on Friday, Saturday & Sunday between 07:00-12:00)

    Afternoon session   
    (only on Thursday & Sunday between 14:00 - 17:00) 

    Meet at: Car Park, 18 Ralphs Pl, Salt Rock,
    Dolphin coast, South Africa, 4420

    Do'kael (Part 1)

    Something has happened to 13 year old Amelia and her mother. The locals regretfully refuse to help the father search for his missing daughter and wife, due to the superstition of Do'kael. Believed to be an ancient demon of possession and cannibalism. Amelia was running in fear when locals witnessed her last. Seek out and discover what happened to Amelia and her mother.  

    Warning: game includes graphic images and disturbing audio clips. We do not recommend individuals under the age of 12.

    2 - 8 People 

    2 hours    

    Night session
    (Only on Friday & Saturday between 18:00-21:00)

    Meet at: Car Park, 18 Ralphs Pl, Salt Rock,
    Dolphin coast, South Africa, 4420

    Learn more about our WHEEL OF CHANCE,
    and how it can help your game or make it more interesting. 

    more help on completing our games.

    Read our BLOG POSTS for more information on Evolva Games, news and interesting reads including team building.


    2 people: R 800

    3 people: R 1050

    4 people: R 1400

    5 people: R 1750

    6 people: R 1800

    7 people: R 2100

    8 people: R 2000


    Please book/reserve
    minimum ONE DAY before your game. 


    Learn more about: 

    Wheel of Chance

    Tips and strategies


    Why Evolva Games

    Be the First Ones

    The only place in the world to experience this, it is exclusive to Salt Rock, North Coast, South Africa. 

    2 hour adventure

    2 hours of challenges that are different with genuine items and objects. The chance to live an adventure & mystery-like reality. Where else can you feel the triumph of saving a girl from a cannibal demon?


    Rather than being stuck inside four walls trying to escape, with Evolva Games, your experience evolves as you progress and the world becomes your playground. 

    On the Beach, being active, having fun & mentally stimulating

    While this is not our aim, it is a bonus. Evolva Games gives you a morning, afternoon or evening on the beach, being active, interacting with your friends and a better way to engage key skills including:

    • Focus (Maintain focus in the midst of a thousand distractions)
    • Memory (retaining and recalling detailed information) 
    • Observation (gain data and convert into relevant information)
    • Problem-solving (identify problem(s), plan and take a course of action)
    • Lateral-thinking (finding creative solutions and better ways to solve problems)

    And the best part is you do not realize it, as you quickly forget about the world around you and feel like you are discovering a new one. 

    Immediate & impactful team building

    A dynamic way to get your team engaged in a hands-on, organic and on-demand team building experience. For example, one member from your team is blind-folded for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, the next member wears the blind-fold and so on. This is done on the beach, while still trying to work through the challenges and complete the objective of the game.

    Book & Reserve Your Game


    We accept Credit Card & Debit Card payments on our Yoco machine. 

    All transactions are done in person. 

    Please note: no cash payments will be accepted for your and our employee's security and safety.




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    +27 73 166 33 21


     Rendezvous point is at:
    Car Park 
    18 Ralphs Pl, Salt Rock, 
    Dolphin Coast, 4420

    18 Ralphs Pl, Salt Rock,
    Dolphin coast, South Africa, 4420

    +27 73 166 33 21 

     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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